Our Basketball Team C won the First Runner-up and Team D won the Second Runner-up in the Inter-school Basketball Competitions. Big thanks to our PE teachers for their guidance and everyone for their great support!

Congratulations to our Basketball Teams!

Basketball Team C

F2B Dora Choi F1D Minnie Chan
F1A Jenny Ng F1D Bonnie Pao
F1A Lydia Tai F1D Abbie Ieong
F1B Iris Leong P6C Alina Lam
F1C Akili Mac P6C Vincy Sou
F1C Amy Wat P6D Cherry Lei


Basketball Team D

P6A Ashley Chan P5B Ivy Iao
P6C Yoyo Pun P5C Kitty Tam
P6D Sammi Lam P5D Doris Chao
P5A Pinky Chan P4B Rene Kong
P5B Athena Chan P4C Agnes Kuok
P5B Chloe Lei P4C Sammie Wat