Secondary Science Club


Ms Olivea Lou
Ms Susana Wong


Class Name Post
F5A Kiko Cheong President
F5A Rain Teng Vice-President
F3D Yammy Ieong Vice-President
F4A Natalie Chung Secretary
F3D Charisse Ho Treasurer
F4A Sally Chan Treasurer
F5A Kate Chou Propagandist
F4A Ashley Leong Propagandist
F4A Daisy Leong Art Director


Science Club devotes to arouse students’ enthusiasm in science and encourage students to put their science knowledge learnt into practice through carrying out experiments and STEM activities related to daily life applications. In addition, we aim to serve as a platform for students to learn outside the classroom by organising visits for them to explore different specialisations in scientific field.


Regular meetings

Students visiting the Flagship CTM in Pedro Coutinho and learning about the 5G technology and applications