Sacred Heart Canossian College, English Section / Colegio do Sagrado Coracao de Jesus (Sec Inglese) is a Catholic girls school established by the Canossian Daughters of Charity, also named Instituto Canossiano, Canossian Missions, Filhas Canossianas de Caridade (FDCC).

The school was established in 1939 in very humble beginning with the enrolment of 24 students in the school building converted from a match factory. The small beginning developed rapidly especially in the 40’s when the Japanese war brought in influx of refugees to Macau. The one block building consisted of 3 storeys, catering for 10 classes, an area for boarders and a quarter for the Sisters. The political disturbance in 1967 brought a sharp fall to the number of students but it went through these dark days quietly and grew steadily throughout the years. It became centres of different public examinations. In 1991 a new wing on the right with 18 classrooms was added. In 1992 a second wing on the left was constructed and completed with 6 classrooms and 4 special rooms and a big hall. In 2005 the old block was demolished to give place to a 6-storey building consisting of a covered playground, 24 classrooms and 8 special rooms and other function rooms completed in 2007.

It is a non-profit making private school with 17 classes in the primary section, and 25 classes of secondary (Form 1-6). The number of students in the primary section is 863 and in the secondary 875 making the total number of students 1558.

History of Sacred Heart Canossian College