Club advisers 學會導師

Ms Nancy Lam

Officers 幹事學生

F5A Suki Wong

F5A Qube Chan

F4B Melody Lam

F4C Bibiana Kong

F4D Vanessa Leong

Club introduction 學社簡介

The Humanities Club aims at enhancing students’ historic and geographic literacy for the better understanding of our world. With the increased communications between places around the world, the establishment of the HC carries the vital responsibility in guiding students to explore the varieties of cultures and countries by means of history and geography. Through deeper understanding, a positive attitude of students towards multiculturalism and diversity is hoped to be cultivated.


Club activities 學社活動

  1. Outings 實地考察
  2. Selected reading of texts and images 文字、圖像資料選讀
  3. Appreciation of movies and documentaries 電影、紀錄片賞析

2023-2024 學會導師與幹事學生合照

2022-2023 活動回顧: