Business Club


Mr Henry Ip
Ms Joyce Lam



Mandy Wong F5C President
Yoyo Lee F4B Vice president
Cherry Kong F5D Treasurer
Janice Chu F5D Art Director
Natalie Vong F5A Art Director
Althea Chan F5A Publicist
Leanna Ma F5B Secretary
Wing Ho F5C IT Technician

Our Aims:

  • Provide a platform and opportunities for students to know more about real business world
  • Arouse students’ interests in business through different activities related to business
  • Offer activities for students to capture useful skills while participating in our meetings

School activities held in scholastic year 2020/2021:

Integrated Resort Simulation Program

Macao International Trade and Investment Fair

Monopoly Competition

Consumer Study Award (2020/2021)

最佳選題獎 中五 產品都要減肥?
嘉許作品獎 中五 外國月亮特別圓?