Broadcasting Team



Ms. Vivian Zheng
Mr. Zack Chim



Claudia Lei (President)
Eunice Mak (Vice President)
Bowina Chong (Vice President)
Kitty Ao (Treasurer)
Ivory Chan (Entertainment)
Venus Ho (Entertainment)
Stephy Si (Secretary)
Kili Lei (Secretary)



Broadcasting is an art which unfolds dimensional perspective lives through planes.

Broadcasting Team is a group of students who are enthusiastic in video-taking and live broadcasting. We record the activities held in school as well as the smiling faces of students. Through these practices, students can have higher abilities in video-taking and live broadcasting. Also we provide opportunities to students in editing video clips.


Selected activities:

2019-2020 Broadcasting Team officers

2019-2020 Broadcasting Team officers and advisers



Recording for the Sports Days