Mathematics Club

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Ms. Vicky Chao

Mr. Laurence Chan


Class Name Post
F5A Cherry Ho President
F5A Jessica Lao Vice-President
F4B Stella Chu Vice-President
F5C Jenny Ho Secretary
F4A Amy Wat Secretary
F5C Irene Lei Treasurer
F4A Yan Lam Treasurer
F4A Kitty Lou Propagandist
F5A Veronica Wong Art Director
F2B Esther Chen Art Director


The Mathematics Club aims to work for the interests of our fellow students. We develop students’ mathematical curiosity and interpersonal relationship skills by conducting member meetings with various topics related to Mathematics. The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to arouse students’ interests in Mathematics so that they can become confident in Mathematics. Mathematics is a tool to train one’s logical thinking skills. It is also a sword which can solve thousands of problems in various fields in our daily life.


Member Regular Gathering Activities

  • Sudoku training
  • Nonogram training
  • Tangram (七巧板)
  • Mathable
  • Rummikub
  • Mathematics Magic Chair
  • Mathematics Critical thinking questions
  • Running Maths
  • The Greatest Brain
  • Mathscape
  • Interesting Mathematics apps

School Activities and Competition in 2020-2021

  • On 29th October, 30th October and 13th November, the Rummikub competition was held. Altogether 116 students and 7 teachers participated in the competition.
  • On 19th -23rd April, the Mathematics Quiz was held in the school hall. Students worked as a team with their classmates and solved different mathematical problems. The winners were F1C, F2D, F4A and F5B.
  • On 27th March, the Mathematics Club held the Activity Day. Members had to do calculations and solve problems in order to collect clues at each checkpoint.
Mathematics General Knowledge Quiz

Mathematics General Knowledge Quiz

Members' Meeting

Members’ Meeting

Members' Meeting

Members’ Meeting

Rummikub Competition

Rummikub Competition