Secondary Discipline Team


The Discipline Team aims to foster students’ self-discipline, establish a desirable learning environment, help students develop a positive attitude towards life, and educate students to be moral citizens.

Directress of Student Guidance:

Ms Amy Wong

Discipline teachers:

Ms Amanda Chan, Ms Crissie Wong, Ms Nicole Vong and Ms Olivea Lou


  1. Assist in the establishment of a sound and wholesome environment to enhance the effectiveness of “learning and teaching”.
  2. Develop students’ respectful attitude and sense of responsibility.
  3. Foster students’ self-discipline and self-consciousness through prevention-oriented measures.
  4. Train a team of outstanding leaders and bring out their potentials to serve their schoolmates and peers.
  5. Observe the appearance of students, give recognition to students for their good behaviour and morals, promote students’ healthy image and their overall level of discipline.

Discipline Prefects of 2023-2024

Ms Amy Wong’s Group

Head Prefect F4C  Zoe Lee
Discipline Prefects F5A  Gwenyth Chan
F5D  Angie Leong
F5A  Letitia Hao
F4C  Serena Kuok
F4B  Florence Chio
F3D  Monica Wu
F5B  Skyla Tang
F2D  Kary So
F1B  Charlotte Li

Ms Amanda Chan’s Group

Head Prefect F5A  Ada Sou
Discipline Prefects F5C  Kinki Vong
F5A  Daisy Tam
F4A  Bella Sin
F3B  Abby Leong
F5B  Lydia Wong
F3A Daphne Ho
F4B Aimee Leong
F4C  Tatum Tam
F1B Elsa Choi

Ms Crissie Wong’s Group

Head Prefect F3C  Sara Hong
Discipline Prefects F5A Qube Chan
F5C Tracy Ho
F4A  Cassie Chan
F3B  Rene Kong
F5B  Ivana Oliveira
F5B  Venus Au
F2B  Winnie Huang
F4B Jolie Un
F1B  Ruby Lao

Ms Nicole Vong’s Group

Head Prefect F3B  Agnes Kuok
Discipline Prefects F5A  Kitty Ao
F5A  Genevie Lao
F4C  Kelly Chong
F3C Karina Loi
F4D  Therese Mok
F5B  Vincy Fan
F5C  Rina Cheang
F3A  Celia Chan
F1C  Steby Cheung

Ms Olivea Lou’s Group

Head Prefect F4D  Ella Vong
Discipline Prefects F5A  Vanessa Chong
F5A  Kimberly Chan
F3C  Sammie Wat
F3A  Peony Wu
F5A  Kitty Ng
F5B Rosanna Lam
F3A  Hannah Sa
F4C Miranda Cheang
F1D  Ines Chou