Environmental Protection Team


Miss Fiona Tam


Class Name Post
F5B Miga Ao President
F4A Elana Lam Vice-President
F3C Anthea Cheang Officer
F3D Emily Leong Officer
F4A Renee Wong Officer
F5C Angelica Ho Officer


EPT aims to promote and deliver messages about environmental issues through some competitions and workshops. We also cooperate with some government departments such as the Environmental Protection Bureau, Marine and Water Bureau and the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector which provides opportunities for the teachers and students to take part in the environmental work.


Visit to Centro Ambiental Alegria

EPT organized a visit to the Centro Ambiental Alegria on 5th November, 2022. Students learnt about the recycling process. They brought their own recyclables to the station and participated in the recycling workshop. It is meaningful to let the students practice clean recycling through this visit.

Beach cleanup at a beach near the Tam Kung Temple

The beach cleanup was held every year at the beach near the Tam Kung Temple. Throughout this activity, students found a lot of fun and understood the importance of keeping the natural habitat clean.

Swapping goods

This activity allows students to swap or barter their items (e.g. storybooks, toys, stationeries) that are new but not needed for them. It was a very popular activity among the primary students, and more than 200 items were exchanged.