Environmental Protection Team


Miss Fiona Tam


Class Name Post
F4C Lydia Tai President
F5D Melody Ng Vice-President
F3C Genevie Lao Officer
F4D Minnie Chan Officer
F5A Marina Iun Officer
F5C Candy Lam Officer
F5D Kiana Ng Officer

4. Aims:

EPT aims to promote and deliver messages about environmental issues through some competitions and workshops. We also cooperate with some government departments such as Environmental Protection Bureau and Office for the Development of the Energy Sector, which provides an opportunity for the teachers and students to take part in the environmental work.


“Macao’s Mangroves: A Coastal Treasure” exhibition visit

A visit to “Macao’s Mangroves: A Coastal Treasure” exhibition at was held for the EPT members. It was an exploration of the local coastal treasure and uncover the unique world of mangroves. Students enjoyed the scientific display boards, photographs, films, and interactive tank models so much. The exhibition raised the students’ awareness and encouraged them to cherish this valuable habitat.

Hiking trail cleanup at Taipa Grande Natural Park

EPT organized an outing to Taipa Grande Natural Part for cleaning the hiking trail. Throughout this activity, students found a lot of fun and understood the importance of keeping the natural habitat clean.

Water Purification Workshop

A water purification workshop was held during the member meeting. Students were given with materials to create their own filter column to filter the muddy water. This activity helped raise their awareness about the importance of clear water to the environment and to the living organisms.

Energy Saving Patrol

“Energy Saving Patrol” was conducted throughout the whole scholastic year to maintain a reasonable usage of electricity. Patrol team checked all classrooms to encourage students in classroom to turn off the non-essential lights after school.