On 20th November, our school held the 2nd “Talk Like TED” speech contest. This year, we had 48 candidates joining the audition. Out of these 48 candidates, 18 of them were successfully admitted to the final round. Students who have got a mark of 80 or above will be awarded the Distinction Prize. For others, they will get a Merit Prize. Through the contest, we want to spread ideas and engage with each other. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world.

Merit Prize goes to:
F1A Orini Ho
F1A Therese Mok
F1B Yammy Ieong
F1C Mia Ngok
F1D Kili Ng
F1D Tanya Kuok
F2A Venus Hoi
F2D Genevie Lao
F3B Vivian Mui
F3C Grace Chan
F3D Teresa Wong

Distinction Prize goes to:
F2B Bernice Leong
F2B Jancy Cheong
F2B Zusanne Ng
F2C Vera Win
F3A Ellen Lo
F3A Kitty Lou
F3B Angelina Zhang

Out of all these contestants, Angelina Zhang got the highest mark.

Congratulations to all these winners and thank the English teachers for their hard work. Without their guidance, we will not be able to organize our second “Talk Like TED”.