We are most happy to have invited three IFT faculty chefs of Culinary Arts Management Programmer to conduct a 2-course cooking workshop in English for our F5 English Enrichment class students in our Art of Living Room. Students were thrilled to learn authentic English while frying a sunny-side-up for their pork Minchi, kneading their dough and shaping it into a Bicho-Bicho. Not only were our students exposed to meaningful language input but they also learnt the spirit of teamwork. The spontaneous conversations and interactions have spiced up students’ language learning experience, leaving them a lingering aftertaste for more co-operative learning to come.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Ms Susan Espiritu, Ms Yoyo Hong, Ms Cecilia Chu, Ms Loleta Lei, Ms Carmen Lei, Mr Zack Chim and the school helpers for their generous help in making all these happen!

Students’ comments:

‘The whole cooking workshop was fascinating since we could speak English and cook at the same time.’
‘A memorable and enjoyable experience!’

‘I’m really pleased to have learnt how to cook two new dishes with new vocabulary items relating to them.’

‘Through this cooking workshop, I realise how important team spirit is. When there is very limited time given, division of labour was crucial to cooking two dishes efficiently.’

‘It’s interesting to have foreign chefs as teachers. The process of making the two dishes was clearly demonstrated, which led to the success of cooking when it was our turn.’

‘The chefs were so friendly and willing to clear our doubts.’