Adventurer’s Club


  • Familiarize students with library operation
  • Arouse students’ interests in reading
  • Set up reading models that other students can aspire to
  • Create a reading promotion atmosphere throughout the school
  • Conduct book club activities


Teachers’ Choice

Students will invite some teachers to recommend books in the library. It will be conducted once per term.

Book swap

Books will be collected through book donations by students and teachers. Then donors will have a gathering and get one book from the donated books. The activity will be held twice a year.

Story Telling

Students will host story telling session in the Primary Library every Monday and Wednesday. Both Chinese and English stories will be shared.

Library Book Exhibition

7th January, 2016

A series of books from the library will be demonstrated in the exhibition on the 1st term Report Card Day. Students will be introduced different types of books from the Secondary Library.

Poster Design Competition

Form 1 to Form 4 classes are invited to design a poster for reading promotion. Students and teachers will vote for the winning class. The winning poster will be posted in the school.

Summer Reading Camp

Officers will assist the Primary and Secondary students during the Summer Reading Camp. Students will be spending a night in school to enjoy reading related activities.

Book Club Activities

Reading and book exploration activities will be held with members throughout the year.

♦ Read aloud sessions

Students will assume a book character and write letters or postcards to their peers or teachers. The contents should be relevant to the characters or their situations and what they might say if they could ever meet the recipient. The peers or teachers may choose to reply to their letters or postcards if time allows.

Reading Club

Invite authors to share their opinions positively, as well as make students interested in the reading and sharing their impression.

Visit the library

Giving a chance to the students to visit Macau‘s libraries, library staff introduced the daily operation of major facilities of libraries. Therefore, the students will know more about the features and environment of libraries.

Photos of Activities

Adventurer’s Club

Adventurer’s Club

Adventurer’s Club

Adventurer’s Club

Adventurer’s Club

Adventurer’s Club