On 16th March, our school held the 4th “Talk Like TED” speech contest. This year, we have broken a record again! 70 candidates joined the audition! Out of these 70 candidates, 18 of them were successfully admitted to the final round. Through the contest, we want to spread ideas and engage with each other. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world.  One of the greatest benefits of sharing our ideas with others is that it allows us to learn from each other. Through open communication, we can hear different perspectives, engage in healthy debates, and gain valuable insights that we may not have otherwise considered. Together, we can create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that will enrich our education and our lives.

This year, we have invited three professional and honourable judges in different disciplines:

  1. Ms Evian Ho (Director of International Training and Testing Center of the City University of Macau)
  2. Ms Sandy Leong (Executive Vice President of the Macao Speech Professionals Association)
  3. Ms Angela Chong (a member of the School Management Board of St. Teresa School and PGDE teaching practice supervisor of the University of St. Joseph)

Students who have got a mark of 86 or above will be awarded the Distinction Prize. For others, they will get a Merit Prize.

Merit Prize goes to:

F1B Aimee Zeng

F1C Liberty O

F2A Brynie Ho

F2A Hailey Lei

F2B Kary Ng

F2B Sara Hong

F2C Angela Cheang

F2C Cherry Choi

F2C Vincy Wong

F3C Tanya Kuok

F3D Yammy Ieong

Distinction Prize goes to:

F1A Chincco Fok

F2A Connie Ao Ieong

F2C Sara Win

F2C Josephine Leong

F3B Stephanie Lam

F3B Caylia U

F3C Mia Ngok

For Form 1, F1A Chincco Fok got the Most Outstanding Speaker Award; for Form 2, F2A Connie Ao Ieong and F2C Sara Win got the Award; for Form 3, F3B Stephanie Lam got the Award.

Congratulations to all these winners and thank the English teachers for their hard work. Without their guidance, we will not be able to organize our fourth “Talk Like TED”.

Congratulations to All Winners

Chincco Fok – Most Outstanding Speaker of Form 1_1

Connie Ao Ieong – Most Outstanding Speaker of Form 2

Sara Win – Most Outstanding Speaker of Form 2

Stephanie Lam – Most Outstanding Speaker of Form 3

Three Professional Judges from Different Disciplines

Junior Secondary English Panel