St. Magdalene Social Work Club

The St. Magdalene Social Work Club in our school has been established for several decades. It was formerly called The Union Ideal Club in 1940. The aim of the Club was to arouse the members’ interest in art, photography, drama, music and sports. It also organised social activities and domestic science activities so as to foster a social, educational and charitable nature among its members. At first, the Club Fund was contributed by the students who paid two dollars each in addition to the school fee. Under the guidance of the teachers, the Club helped the orphans of the Ilha Verde Orphanage in their studies, and visited the aged on Saturdays and Sundays.

Later, the Club was more well-organised when Miss Priscilla Villa became the first advisor. She had exerted a tremendous effort to improve the Club in every possible respect, and thus had laid a solid foundation for the followers. At present, the scope of its activities has been widened. In addition to the annual “Walk For A Cause’, the Club also participates in “Walk For A Million” organised by Macao Daily News and Bazaar. Members help in the flag-selling for different charitable organisations in Macao as well as visiting the homes for the aged, the mentally retarded and the needy regularly.

The “Walk For A Cause” Campaign first started in 1975 and it has become the grandest and the most meaningful activity of the club. Owing to the enthusiastic participation of the honourable guests from Hong Kong and Macao, that of the teachers and the students, present and past, the amount of money collected has increased dramatically.

The Club subscribes the substantial fund raised to support the charitable organisations in Macao. It also offers the St. Magdalene Social Work Club Scholarships to the students of SHCC and provides financial aid for the poor children in China. Whenever necessary, the Club also takes part in the campaign of relieving the poor and the suffering brought by natural disasters.

The goal of the Club is to encourage the students to take part in social activities and to arouse social concern in them. May God bless and reward the efforts, the sacrifices, the generosity of all the supporters of the Club and may the Club continue to serve the poor in the Spirit of St. Magdalene of Canossa.



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